Four Different Ways You Can Add Exterior Trim Details To The Windows In Your Home


You may want to have replacement windows installed in your home, which can give you many benefits such as energy savings. They can also add to the appearance of your home with things like trim details. Trim can be added to the interior and exterior of your windows to give your home a unique look with the new windows you have installed. Here are four different types of exterior trim details that you can add to your new windows:

1. Wide Frieze Boards And Drip Caps For A Craftsman Look

Craftsman-style is a popular finish for the exterior of homes with detailed woodwork. You can make the craftsman features of your home stand out by having wide frieze boards installed around the windows. These can also have molding to make drip edges and deals, which will give your windows more depth and texture, and make the exterior of your home standout much more. This can be done on the window frame, or it is something that a carpenter can add to your windows later.

2. Plain Frieze Boards With No Trim Detail For A Plain Look

Plain frieze boards can also be used to make the windows in your home standout. If you do not want a lot of decorative detail, this can be done with simple wood materials and not have any trim or molding to it. This can come as a trim feature from window manufacturers, or you can attach the boards around the windows later. If you are doing this with brick, the boards can be attached to the brick, with siding you will need to cut and remove the siding where the frieze is going to go.

3. No Frieze Boards And Decorative Trim Around The Window

You can also have the windows installed without any frieze boards on them, which is the most common design that you get from window manufacturers. Sometimes, this is one the window, but with vinyl and metal windows, it may not come with the window. You can add trim around the windows for a more finished look once they have been installed.

4. Wide Friezes, Keystones And Masonry Details Over Brickwork

Wide friezes can also be added to the masonry of your home to give your windows more trim detail. There are products that a masonry contractor can install and finish with a concrete mortar to give the appearance of masonry trim, such as keystones and brick patterns. These can be finished to have the appearance of stucco, or they can look like brick, rock, and other masonry products that are available.

These are some of the exterior trim details that you can have added to your windows. If you want to have new windows installed or these details added, contact a home window service like R & K Windows, they will be able to provide you with exactly what you need.


23 February 2015

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