Ways To Add More Light In Your Home


If your home isn't as bright as you would like, there are things you can do to increase the amount of light inside. Some solutions may require professional help, but others are DIY solutions that you can complete in an afternoon.

Install a Bay Window

Bay windows are great for adding light to your home because they face out in three directions and capture the sun's rays for much longer in the day. The center of the bay window is typically what is called a picture window. This one doesn't have an opening feature. The two side windows are typically double-hung windows, which can slide up to let a breeze through the house. Another benefit of a bay window is the option of a window seat, which is the perfect place to read a book in natural light.

A bay window installation would require the help of a professional window installer. As long as you have an exterior wall in your home, you can probably have them install a bay window. The existence of plumbing or wiring within that wall will increase the cost, so try to choose a wall with a minimum of those issues.

Install a Tubular Skylight

A tubular skylight is an installation that uses a dome, a reflective tube and light fixture inside. The tube goes from your ceiling all the way up through your roof. It offers focused sunlight in a small area, but the effect is that of an actual ceiling light. Applications include bringing light into any room in your room where there is clearance from the ceiling all the way to the roof.

A professional window installer can handle everything for putting a tubular skylight in your home. You'll be pleased with the amount of light this straightforward solution introduces into your living quarters.


Darker paint colors absorb light, whereas light colors reflect light. For a truly transformative lighting effect, paint your home in shades of white. You'll notice the difference immediately, even before the paint dries.

You can paint interior rooms yourself using supplies from your local hardware store. Be sure to use a primer coat over the darker color, or it may seep through the white color and ruin your paint job.

Don't feel you're stuck with a dark house. Implement one or more of these effective ideas, and the whole look and feel of your home could change. 


2 June 2015

Understanding Window Upgrades For Commercial Buildings

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