Four Things You Need To Know Before Starting A Window Replacement Project For Your Home


Energy improvements to your home can help save you a lot of money on your utility bills. Replacement windows are a great investment that you may have heard about. These windows are used to replace standard sized windows, and fasten inside existing window casing. However, they are not always ideal for every window.

Here are some things that you will want to know before you begin your window replacement project:

1. Assessing Your Home To Decide Where To Use Window Replacements

The windows in your home may not all be ideal for replacement windows. Go through and look at all the windows to determine the ones that you can use replacements in. Usually, these will be standard size windows that are in fair condition and do not need major repairs.You will want to assess your windows for damage like windows being out of square and casing damage. 

2. Installing New Windows For Casing With Damage That Cannot Be Repaired

New windows may be needed for areas where replacements cannot be used due to things like damage to the casing. When choosing windows, you will want to look for replacements and new windows that are similar in style to ensure that all your windows match. Make sure that you can get new windows that match the casings of your old windows; this is the trim on the outside and inside of the window opening.

3. Adding Window Films For Fixed Glass And Custom Windows And Doors

You may have things like fixed glass or custom windows in your home. Fixed glass is glass that does not open like a conventional window, and it is usually installed with custom trim or frame. Adding window film to these windows can help improve the energy efficiency of the glass without replacing it. Window film is like a window tint that is applied to the window. Window film can also make windows shatter resistant, making your home more secure. You can also use it in areas where you want to reduce glare, like an office or rooms with TV and entertainment centers.

4. Other Improvements That Will Help Make Windows More Energy Efficient

You may also want to have other improvements done to the windows and doors in your home. Things like adding shutters and window treatments can help to improve energy efficiency. Shutters can also help to make your home more secure and give your home storm protection, which is a good investment for areas that are prone to summer storms.

These are some things that you will want to know before you begin your window replacement project. If you need help choosing windows and improvements to do to your home, contact a window replacement contractor like those at Mister Window Inc to evaluate your home and the window improvements that can be done. 


11 June 2015

Understanding Window Upgrades For Commercial Buildings

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