Window Tinting Not Just For Cars: 4 Reasons To Tint Home Windows


The windows of a home can be tinted, just like a car. When done properly, residential window tinting lasts for several years and provides many benefits. There are a few benefits you get by having your windows tinted:

1. Reduced Glare

Sunlight in the home is nice, as it provides bright lighting and Vitamin D. However, direct sunlight can cause problems. When the sun shines directly into the windows, you may notice a glare. This glare can disrupt reading, computer activities, and television watching. While it is not a big problem, it can be annoying.

Curtains are the traditional method for dealing with glare, but sometimes they cut out too much light—or do not work at all. Window tinting is a great alternative for dealing with glare. It helps to diminish the amount of light that is let indoors, without eliminating it.

2. Improved Privacy

Window tinting can improve the privacy of your home, without the need for curtains. This makes it ideal for smaller areas, such as the bathroom or kitchen. Depending on the darkness of the tinting, people may not be able to see into your home at all. However, the sunlight will still come in.

3. Energy Savings and Improved Comfort

It is no secret that sunlight is warm, even indoors. Cats and dogs typically love the warmth from the sun, and spend hours lounging in the sunny spots on the floors or couches. While the sunlight may be nice during the winter months, it can be annoying during the summer months.

If you want to keep your house cooler in the summer months, window tinting can be a great alternative to heavy-duty insulating curtains. Again, it lets the light in; but it keeps the warmth of the sun out. Even in the winter, window tinting is beneficial because it helps to prevent the warm air from escaping the windows. This means that window tinting can help keep you more comfortable, as your house stays a more regulated temperature. It will also reduce the cost of your energy bills—a win-win.

4. Interior Protection

Sunlight has both solar rays and UV rays. Both of these types of rays are damaging to the contents of your home. Furniture, window curtains, blankets, and carpet all suffer from the rays found in sunlight. Over time, you might notice these items fading in color or becoming weaker. This deterioration is, unfortunately, common and caused by the sun.

Window tinting will help protect your valuable indoor items by protecting them from the damaging rays of the sun. So your blankets, carpeting, and other items will last for much longer, without looking dull or dingy.

As you can see, the sun may helpful; but it is also damaging and sometimes annoying. If you want to still let the brightness of the sun in, without damage, window tinting is ideal for you. Even better, you can install it yourself—or have a professional do it, if you aren't very handy.


19 June 2015

Understanding Window Upgrades For Commercial Buildings

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