Why Vinyl Windows Can't Be Beat


There are a number of window materials that are relatively similar. Aluminum, fiberglass, and vinyl can all look very similar and cost about the same. They are usually the most common materials you will find when shopping for replacement windows. However, vinyl is hard to beat if you are looking for a product that is stylish, affordable, strong and low maintenance. This article will explain why vinyl is such a perfect material for residential window replacement. 

Vinyl is Waterproof

Vinyl is perfectly waterproof. It cannot get waterlogged, stained or weakened by water. In fact, the best way to clean your vinyl windows is to simply spray them down with a hose (from the exterior of course). Aluminum windows lose their waterproof qualities over time, especially on movable windows where the paint can be worn off by constant opening and closing. This is not a concern with vinyl because it is not painted. Instead, vinyl is dyed during its production so the entire piece of vinyl that is eventually shaped into a window frame is the same color throughout. Even if the window does wear down, get scratched or chipped, there will be hardly any noticeable color change.

Vinyl Has Richer Colors and Textures

Because of the nature of aluminum and fiberglass, they can not be as versatile as vinyl. Almost all aluminum and fiberglass windows you see will be flat. Vinyl windows can be made in a range of textures. Some of the most popular vinyl window textures are wood grain, raw brick, and drywall. These subtle textures add a touch of class to your window, but they also serve a practical purpose. The slight texture can reduce tension on sliding windows, making them easier to operate.

Vinyl Is Strong

Vinyl is a very strong and resilient material. It is slightly rubbery, making it harder to dent. Aluminum and fiberglass dent much more easily. Vinyl is so strong that it is the number one choice for storm window frames. It can withstand the elements in even the most severe climates. It can even withstand the severe beating from young children and teenagers slamming a window!

All in all, vinyl is very hard to beat when it comes to residential windows. If you are still not convinced, go to your local window showroom and see for yourself. You will see many stylish options that would be ideal for your windows replacement.


16 July 2015

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