Window Installations - When It Might Be Time To Call In A Professional


If you consider yourself pretty handy around the house, you might think that window installation is just another job that you can tackle. With so many DIY tutorials out there, you may want to try your hand at window repair. The thing is, some home projects might be more outside of your scope than you think. Here are four reasons that you should probably leave window installation to the experts.

1. If You Don't Have the Right Tools

Investing in tools to fix a window frame might cost more than having a window replacement specialist come out and do the job for you. You might have a standard tool kit around the house, but installing windows will involve unique items such as power saws, framing equipment and levels for removal and replacement. If these tools aren't in your everyday repertoire, it might not make sense to buy these for a one-time project.

2. Factoring in the Time of Year

If you have lots of time in the summer to get through window installation projects, speed might not matter. If it is the middle of winter, a weekend project to you might be something a window specialist could do in an hour. If you have windows open and exposed for any period of time in the winter, it will probably be more cost effective to have someone come and quickly install your windows rather than run up your heating bill.

3. Trouble Sourcing Specific Materials

Not all repairmen are out to charge you an arm and a leg for their work. You might end up wasting more time and money trying to source materials from a home improvement store for window installation. A window repair specialist usually can get supplies at cost and the savings will ultimately make its way back to you without more effort on your part.

4. Bigger Issues Than Windows

If there might be a bigger issue with your home such as the foundation, swollen floorboards, or warped woodwork, it is a good idea to stop your window project. If a stuck window has to do with a shifting foundation, installing windows improperly to compensate will just add another problem to your list. Start at the source of your problems before making additional changes to your home.

If you are a DIY expert in your home, this doesn't mean that all projects are created equal. If window installation might pose further problems, bringing in a professional might save you time and money. Window installation might be better left off of your DIY list and left to the experts instead.


31 July 2015

Understanding Window Upgrades For Commercial Buildings

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