3 Features Home Buyers Secretly Love


When it comes to selling your home, real estate experts are generous with tips about home improvement projects that will add value to your house. Converting an attic into a bedroom, for example, is said to add almost 75% to your home's value. Big improvements like these are sure to please home appraisers. But there are some features that can actually make a buyer fall in love with your house.

1. Window Boxes

Window boxes add a charm to your house in a way that a finished basement just can't do. When a buyer approaches a house with window boxes, their childhood ideal of the perfect home can be instantly sparked.

Be sure to decorate window boxes according to the style of the house and the season. In winter, window boxes decorated with boughs, pine cones and red plaid bows add elegance to Colonial-style homes. In spring, window boxes overflowing with colorful annuals will impart a cottage feel to a New Englander with dormers. If you aren't adept with planting window boxes, most nurseries will be happy to plant your flower purchases for you, in window boxes of your choosing.

2. Awnings

Window awnings make a home look lived in. When you have a patio awning shading a sunny deck furnished with outdoor living accessories, home buyers may easily envision themselves sitting there sipping sweet tea while their kids frolic in the yard.

Window awnings in the front of the house should be sparse. Typically, two small awnings on first level windows is enough to give a hint that this house is well cared for and appreciated. Upper windows usually don't need awnings because that's where the bedrooms are, which are used after the sun sets. In back, a large, retractable patio awning makes a huge positive statement about the outdoor living features of the home.

3. Window Seats

Window seats are a simple luxury that homebuyers love. Upon seeing a window seat in a home, they could instantly imagine themselves curling up on a rainy day, reading a book.

If you have a bay or bow window anywhere in your home, outfit it with a window seat. It's easy to make one out of plywood and padding. Or you could position a rectangular blanket chest under the window with piles of soft cushions on top. Place faux trees on either side to fill in the spaces on the ends where the wall fans out.

Each of these small accents will make big impressions on your prospective home buyers. For more information, talk to a company like Sunrise Shading.


10 August 2015

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