Did You Just Get Tints On Your Car Windows? Here Are Four Tips To Properly Care For Them


You may be excited to have window tints on your car windows and be very happy with the way they look. However, that happiness can soon turn to disappointment if the tints become damaged or unsightly. Use the following tips to properly care for your car's window tints so that they remain in great-looking condition.

Let Them Cure

One of the first mistakes you might make with window tints is opening and closing the car windows right after you've had the tints put on. You might stop for gas or a toll and roll your window down, not guessing that your actions are interfering with the tints. 

It is a good idea to avoid using your windows for about about 24 hours. That way, the tint films have a chance to cure and stick fully to your windows. If you don't allow your tints to cure properly, you may experience bunching, scratches and other problems.

Use a Plastic Credit or Debit Card to Handle Bubbles

As time goes on, you may start to notice air bubbles forming between your car window and the window tints. There is no need to get alarmed; you simply have to move the air out of that space so that the bubbles go away.

To do this, you need a plastic debit or credit card. Take the card and make an attempt to use slow, sweeping motions to flatten any bubbles. If you don't have a debit or credit card, a similar plastic card can also work. Library cards and grocery reward cards can also get the job done.

Avoid Cleaners that Contain Ammonia

You might think you can just clean your tints the same as you clean the car itself. However, it is important that you avoid using cleaners that contain ammonia as one of their primary ingredients. Ammonia contains chemicals that can cause the window tint films to peel and might damage them. Instead, stick with water and other window cleaning solutions.

Exercise Care with Seatbelts

Using seatbelts is usually required when you are in a car, and you might remove your seatbelt without thinking too much about it. However, just be aware that the metal portion of the belt could snap back and scratch and ding the window tints. Use care and slowly take off any seatbelt.

Use the information in this article to help you care for the tints on your car windows. Talk to a local window tinting company, such as Utah Window Tinting, to find out more ways to maintain your tints.


7 January 2016

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