Getting New Windows? What Additions To Consider


If you are ready to purchase new windows for your home and you aren't sure which windows will be best, talk with the window contractors about Energy Star-approved windows. This ensures that you're getting the most efficient windows possible for your property. New windows aren't just going to be efficient, but they're going to look great and improve your home value. Here are a few of the things you want to talk with the window installation contractors about when you get an estimate for the project, and before you have the work started.

New Insulation

The windows are already removed from the walls, giving you open access to the exterior frame of the house. Have new insulation stuffed or sprayed throughout the exterior walls. Fiberglass insulation will need to be stuffed; polyurethane insulation will be sprayed. Polyurethane spray foam is a top pick because it expands into the entire width of the walls and you don't have cracks where water or pests can become a problem.

Solar Tint

Are the windows tinted? You can help keep heating costs low in the winter and preserve the materials in your home by protecting them from UV rays with windows that are already tinted. This won't prevent you from getting natural light in the house, but can prevent glares and other annoyances from direct sunlight.

New Exterior Doors

If you are making the effort and paying the money to have all the windows replaced, you should have the doors replaced at the same time. You can get insulated doors that are efficient and that are new and fit the frame perfectly so you don't have to worry about air leaks or moisture problems. Doors that have a kick plate and a deadbolt are great options for security reasons, and there are a variety of options that are both practical and efficient.

These are just a couple of the things you want to talk with the window experts about when you are ready to update the windows in your home. Let your home insurance agent know that you will have a renovation taking place and that workers will be in your home, and then let them know that you have updated the windows so your insurance policy reflects the value of the windows. There are a lot of window companies to choose from, so get estimates and compare the prices to find the company that can give you the window installation you need at a price you can afford.


23 February 2016

Understanding Window Upgrades For Commercial Buildings

Hello, my name is Donald Clemins. I am here to talk to you about windows for commercial buildings. When I purchased my first storefront, I was shocked to feel cold drafts coming in through the picture windows. The drafts made it feel like the front door was propped wide open. I knew my customers would feel uncomfortable sitting there due to the drastic temperature fluctuations. I contacted a window installer to talk about my options. I was amazed to hear about all of the different types of windows available for my storefront. I would like to share that information on this site to help other people find the best windows for their commercial buildings. I will focus on window material and build upgrades as manufacturers make new developments. Thank you.