How To Clean Your Exterior Shutters


If you have shutters on the outside of your home, you likely enjoy how attractive they make your house look; but, you likely do not enjoy how quickly they get dirty. You can talk with a professional, like AAA Blind & Shutter Factory, to see how you can mitigate the wear and tear of your shutters. Here are some tips for cleaning your exterior shutters so that the process goes as quickly as possible.

1. Get Rid of Loose Debris

Take a horsehair brush and start brushing off any loose branches and dirt from the shutters. When you are done, take a rake and move anything that you just knocked off the shutters or that was under the window and move it to the side. This is helpful because it will allow you to get rid of the easy-to-see dirt and move it out of the way so you don't form a pool of mud underneath your windows

2. Hose Down Your Shutters

Next, hose down your shutters to knock off any of the dirt that has been caked on. Be sure that you are using a strong enough spray by starting on a low setting and routinely checking to make sure that you have gotten all of the dirt off. If you have not, be sure that you turn up the strength of the spray. Do this until all of the dirt is gone. If the dirt does not come off with just a hose, you may want to rent a power washer.

3. Spray Down With a Wood Cleaning Solution

Next, spray the shutters down with a wood cleaning solution or a cleaning solution that matches the material out of which your shutters are made. Use a long-handled mop to move the cleaning solution around. Be sure that you hose off the solution before it is able to dry or else you will leave streak marks on the shutters.

4. Wipe With a Towel

Take a microfiber towel and wipe off any excess water. This will ensure that you don't accidentally stain the wood with the water as it dries. Be sure that you are wiping with the grain of the wood rather than against the grain or else you might create marks or splinters yourself. 

5. Clean the Insides

Finally, clean the insides of the shutters by going inside and opening your windows. You will only need to apply the cleaning solution to a rag, wipe down the shutters, and then rinse off the solution before it dries to clean the inside of the exterior shutters. Don't forget to dry the inside of the shutters.

For more information, talk to a company that specializes in shutter cleaning and installation.


26 July 2016

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