Can You See Clearly Now? The Absolute Beginner's Guide To Washing Windows


When you first start living away from home, it can seem amazing that your old home ever stayed clean – after all, there are dishes to wash, clothes to clean, floors to vacuum, shelves to dust…the list goes on and on. But one particular area that you can never seem to get spotless and streak-free is always your windows – no matter how often you seem to go over them with a rag and window cleaner. So if you're a novice at cleaning your windows but want to make them shine just like Mom used to do, then here are a few tips towards making your windows sparkle in the sun.

Choose the Correct Tools

Though you may think that getting a perfectly clean window is a matter of years of experience or some kind of Mom-based magic system, it really is a simple as choosing the correct tools for the job. The first thing you'll need is a window cleaner; water and soap aren't going to do your family proud in this case – you'll need a cleanser specifically made for windows (common brands are Glass Plus and Windex, but any brand will do here). Second, you'll want a rag – not to wipe the window with, you see, but to use for the squeegee. Last of all (and most importantly), you'll need the aforementioned squeegee.

Never Underestimate the Squeegee

The squeegee is the key to getting a streak-free window every time, no matter how dirty. First, spray down the window – not the rag – with the window cleaner, making sure not to be too scant with it. Then take the squeegee and use a small corner of it to clear a dry strip at the very top of the window. Make sure to wipe the squeegee dry, then place it wholly on the dry strip and move it firmly down from top to bottom. Dry off the squeegee and repeat on the next strip of window, making sure the squeegee is totally dry before placing it back on the window.

Don't Touch It

Perhaps the biggest secret of window washing is this: after using the squeegee to get a streak-free window, you may see that you missed a drop or too. Don't go back – either with the rag or with the squeegee – to touch it up; just let it air dry. Letting the wet mark air dry prevents it from becoming a small smear on your otherwise spotless window because you felt the need to dab at it with a cloth (or worse, your finger, which is covered in window-hating natural oils).

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29 September 2016

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