Why Select Fiberglass Windows For Your Home


When buying new windows, you may not think of buying fiberglass as the first window material on your wishlist. However, it's one window material that is very common. You'll find that fiberglass windows will have easy maintenance, as well as come in many styles that will be sure to fit your home. Here are a few of the perks of fiberglass windows when used in your home.

Easy Maintenance

The one aspect that may draw you the most towards fiberglass is how it requires such minimal maintenance. It may be surprising to hear, but fiberglass material will not be damaged by common problems, such as termites or water. The frame is also finished using a powder coat of paint that makes it very durable. It helps create a durable surface that the water will just roll off of when it falls onto the surface. It means that you won't even have water spots on the frames after it rains.

As for cleaning fiberglass when the time comes, know that you could use commercial cleaning products on the fiberglass. You can even wipe it down with the same glass cleaning solution that you use to clean the glass. Some homeowners prefer doing this because it doesn't require using separate cleaning materials.

You'll never need to paint or stain the window frame either. The painted finish can last for the window frame's lifetime, so it will be one less thing to worry about as long as you have the windows installed in your home.

Stylish Look

It is common to see fiberglass windows come in a basic white color, but there are more colors available to you than that. The material is manufactured with a variety of textures and finishes that make it a great choice for any home. For example, you can get different sheen on the window frame that has more of a matte finish or one that is incredibly shiny.

As for colors, know that you are not limited to a basic color palette. If there is a specific color you want, it is possible to have the window frames made in that color during manufacturing. It may come at a premium, but it is an option that is available to you.

These are a couple benefits of using fiberglass windows for your house. For additional info about why they can work great for your home, speak to a local window contractor, such as at Kemp's Windows Inc.


9 April 2018

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