Why You Should Consider Professional Window Installation For Your Tiny Home


If you are in the process of building a tiny home, you may want to handle as much as possible on your own. There are some aspects of the process that, if done wrong, can create issues for your later. This is especially true if you plan on traveling through a variety of weather conditions or if you will be living in the tiny home long term. One of the building aspects you should consider handing over to a professional, to reduce issues later on, is window installation. Here are a few reasons why. 

Warranty Benefits

When you purchase your windows, including skylights, each one will come with a warranty. If you read that warranty carefully, you will find that many of the warranties void if the windows are not installed by a professional. Many of the window warranties cover everything from the window breaking to the window having seal and frame issues. 

This leaves you with having to pay for another window out of pocket, including the installation tools if you no longer have them on hand. By using window installation professionals, you are ensured your warranty will kick in if you need it. When traveling in a tiny home, the warranty can be even more important since you need repair or replacement quickly to avoid exposure during travel.

Quick Installation

When you install windows in your tiny home yourself, then it may take you a long time to get it right. That is time you may not have, especially if you are on a deadline to move into the tiny home or to leave for a trip with the tiny home. Also, every time you have to correct a mistake, you will have even more delays. 

Professional window installation means you have their experience in installing windows of all sizes and placements. This means they can do it quickly and correctly the first time and keep you on your deadline. This is especially important when you are dealing with tiny home sizes which can mean installation of much smaller windows than normal residential options.

Operating Checks

Some of the windows that are designed for tiny homes have special operating mechanics. For example, they may have a crank to open and close the windows. They may also have a remote option to open and close window blinds during the day or night. Your experienced window installation contractor can make sure all of these amenities work with your tiny home and the way you need them to for proper ventilation and proper weatherproofing.

If you think that going with a professional window installation contractor is a good idea for your tiny home build, contact your local contractor today. They can help you with the placement of the windows, installation, and with any questions you may have about maintenance. They can also offer you some ideas on how to insulate the windows through the various temperatures you may be experiencing.


10 November 2018

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