4 Reasons You Should Invest in Double Hung Windows


When thinking about interior design, the first thing that comes to mind might be interior paint colors or wall art. However, the right window can make a big improvement to any room. It can provide beautiful, soft natural light while also increasing ventilation. If you're unhappy with your windows, you should consider replacing them with double hung windows. Here are four reasons that double hung windows might be preferred over other options:

1. They come in a wide variety of styles.

Double hung windows are not simply one size fits all. You can find double hung windows with uninterrupted glass frames if you would like an unobstructed view. Alternatively, if you like the look of patterned grilles, you can choose double hung windows that feature them heavily. You can also choose the material of your window frame. Aluminum, wood, and PVC are all common options.

2. They can provide more natural airflow.

Single hung windows allow you to tilt the bottom sash open to let air into the room. That means the top sash remains closed, keeping some of the natural breeze out of your home. Double hung windows allow you to open the top and bottom sashes independently, so you can choose the level of airflow that you desire. On hot days, you can open both to let the maximum amount of air into the room. During the cooler autumn months, opening one sash may be sufficient. Double hung windows allow you precision control over the environment in your house.

3. They have a unique and eye-catching look.

Most homes use slide windows, where the lower panel can be raised or lowered to allow air into the room. While this type of window is adequate, it's also very common and not particularly interesting. Double hung windows are eye-catching and beautiful. If you take pride in your unique sense of style, a double hung window might be just the thing to express that.

4. They can provide increased security.

It's easy to overlook your windows. In fact, if you moved into your house after it was already built, you may not even know when the windows were last replaced. Over time, the latches and locks on windows can become worn out, making it easier for burglars to enter. If you've noticed that your current windows' latches are loose, it's a good idea to get them replaced. A double hung window replacement service will be able to remove your old windows and fit new windows in their place.


15 March 2019

Understanding Window Upgrades For Commercial Buildings

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