Tips To Order Windows For Your Rental Properties In Bulk From A Vinyl Window Supplier


Whether you own an apartment building or several rental properties, at some point the windows in your rental properties will need to be replaced. In order to ensure all windows match, it's important to order all of them at the same time. Whether you are opting to install them yourself or you intend on hiring a contractor to do the work for you, having the windows on hand will make the process much quicker, which will save you as well as the tenant's time. Here are a few tips to help you order vinyl windows in bulk from a supplier.

Measure Twice, Order Once

The easiest way to organize your order of vinyl windows is to visit each property, carefully measure the windows in each room and separate the orders according to the building. For instance, if you own an apartment building and a rental house, measure the windows in each unit of the apartment building and record the size of the windows for each individual unit and then separately measure and record the window sizes of the rental house. Once you have all measurements, it will be easier to order them in groups according to size.

Storing the Windows

If you don't intend on installing the vinyl windows right away, in order to prevent damage, it's important to store the windows properly. Do not remove the windows from the boxes they were delivered in and group them together according to apartment number. Be sure to label each box with the appropriate apartment unit or rental house number as well as the room in which the windows are intended for. For instance, the windows for the apartment unit may be labeled as unit #1-kitchen, unit #1-living room and etc. The windows should be stored upright in the original packaging.

Installation Day

On the scheduled day of installation, deliver all of the vinyl windows to their designated apartment unit and place them in the room where they will be installed. If you are doing the installation, make sure you have all tools and supplies available that you will need for the installation. Having everything you need on site will eliminate the risk of having to leave in the middle of the installation because you have to run to the home improvement store for supplies.

Ordering in bulk, measuring, and separating the orders may seem like a stressful process. But, when you order in bulk from a vinyl window supplier, not only will you save money by buying in bulk, but it will eliminate the risk of ordering windows that were manufactured at different times, which reduces the risk of the windows not matching.


23 July 2019

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