3 Advantages Of Installing Hurricane-Resistant Windows In Your Home


When you live somewhere where there is a chance of a hurricane hitting your home, you need to do everything that you can to protect your home from hurricane damage. Even a "small" hurricane can do some serious damage to your home if you don't have your home properly set up to defend against a hurricane.

The Window Will Be Able to Withstand Strong Winds

One of the defining characteristics of hurricane-resistant windows is that they can withstand strong winds. That means that an object could be carried by the winds that are blowing at 80 mph, hit your window, and not break it. They are designed not just to withstand the force of strong winds; they are designed to withstand being hit by an object that is carried along with a strong wind. Any window that is designated as hurricane-proof has undergone rigorous testing to ensure that it the window would be able to protect your home from damage during a typical hurricane.

The Window Will Break in a Safe Manner

Hurricane-resistant windows are also designed to break in a safe manner if something hits your window with too much force. Instead of breaking into large shards of glass that can come flying and cause even more injury, hurricane windows are designed to break up into almost little beads of glass that will not fly and cause more injury and damage. They are designed to break in the safest way possible.

The Window Will Block Out UV Light

Most hurricane windows are treated with substances that help to block out ultraviolet rays, which are the rays that can damage your skin and cause your furniture to fade. They will still allow sunlight into your home; they will just filter out the sun's rays that are not good for your body or your home.

The Window Will Lower Your Insurance Rates

Installing hurricane-resistant windows can really help dramatically lower your insurance rate, especially in an area prone to hurricanes. Hurricane-resistant windows are one of the best ways to protect your home, as they keep out the devastating windows and rains that accompany a hurricane and can save your home from substantial damage that can be caused when ordinary windows break under hurricane force conditions.

When it comes to protecting your home in a hurricane-prone area, you want to make sure you take steps that will ensure that your home can withstand the strong winds that come with a hurricane. One of the ways to protect your home is by installing hurricane-resistant windows, which will help protect your home and help lower your insurance costs. For more information, contact companies like A Better View.


2 September 2019

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