How To Take Care Of Your Glass After A Storm


After a strong wind storm goes through your area, you are going to need to check out your home and make sure that it didn't sustain any damage. One of the parts of your home you will want to check carefully are your windows. Extremely strong window storms, where debris is flying around, can result in damage to your glass windows.

Check All the Glass for Breakage

The first thing you need to do is check each piece of glass for damage that is obvious. When you look over your windows, be sure to inspect the glass on both the inside and the outside. Keep an eye out for any dings or chips in your glass; a strong windstorm may result in chips to your glass, similar to your windshield.

Inspect the Frames

When you inspect your windows, you want to do more than just check the glass for damage. You also need to check the frame as well. Be on the lookout for dents and dings on the frame. When your window frame gets banged up, that can compromise the seal the frame has on the window. When the seal is damaged, you will lose energy around the window and run the risk of water leaking into your home if you don't repair the frame.

If you only notice minor scratches on the window frame, but no structural damage, you'll want to get some paint to fix up that damage.

Contact a Glass Company for Assistance

If you found damage to the glass panes in your windows, or to the window frames, you'll want to take care of that damage right away by calling a glass company. They can fix any chips in the glass, replace any damaged glass panes, and fix the frame to your windows.

Upgrade Your Windows

Finally, you may want to consider upgrading your windows. If you live in an area that gets storms with high winds frequently, it would be smart to invest impact-resistant windows, which are also often called hurricane windows. Impact-resistant windows are great for home where strong winds are a common occurrence, as they are made to withstand the force of objects hitting them at high speeds without sustaining any damage. This is a smart upgrade to make that will help protect your home.

After a strong storm goes through your area, you need to inspect your home for damage so you can make an insurance claim. Part of inspecting your home involves inspecting the glass for breakage. If you notice any damage to the glass or frame of your windows, contact a glass company for window repair assistance right away, and consider upgrading to impact-resistant windows.


2 September 2019

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