The Fiber Cement Guide To Renovating Home Exteriors With Durable Finishes


When renovating the exterior of your home, durable materials like fiber cement siding can be a great investment. You will want to know several things before having new siding installed on your home, such as options for styles, finishes, and maintenance needs. You may also want to invest in house wrap and other improvements when you have the new siding installed. The following fiber cement siding guide will help you with the finishes for your renovations:

Options for Fiber Cement Siding Styles

When you are ready to have fiber cement siding installed on your home, there are a lot of choices. Some of the choices that you may want to consider for the fiber cement siding styles include:

  • Conventional lap siding
  • Shake-style siding
  • Panels for different looks (board-and-batten or contemporary designs)

These are some of the options you may want to consider for your home's exterior finishes.

Choosing Finishes for Fiber Cement Siding

Today, there are more choices for the finishers of fiber cement siding. Today, there are a couple of options for the finishes and colors of fiber cement materials. The first option is a material with a coat of primer to protect the materials and make painting of the new siding easier. Today, there are also prefinished siding products that already have the final finish coat. If you use prefinished materials, they may not be painted, but touch-up work needs to be done once the siding installation is completed.

Installation of the Fiber Cement Siding

The installation of the new fiber cement siding is the most important step. You will want to have improvements done during this time. Some of the improvements that you may want to have done include:

  • Insulated sheathing to correct imperfections
  • House wrap for moisture and air barrier
  • Minor architectural details like moldings, columns, and other features

These are some of the improvements that will need to be done before the new siding can be installed.

Painting and Maintenance After Siding Installation

There is also the painting and other maintenance that needs to be done. If you have used a product that only has a primer coat of paint, the exterior is going to need to be painted with a finish coat. As with any other siding product, the main maintenance that needs to be done is keeping the siding clean. Lastly, you may need to paint the siding every few years as part of the regular maintenance that needs to be done.

The installation of fiber cement siding will give your home a durable exterior finish. If you are ready to have these materials installed on your home's exterior, contact a supplier of products like James Hardie siding to get started with your project.


17 March 2021

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