4 Things To Know About A Home Window Replacement Project


Operation becoming difficult, recurrent cold drafts, water damage on the frames, and excessive condensation between the glass panes are some of the signs you should start shopping for replacement windows.

As you plan for your home window replacement, here are a few things you should know.

Pocket vs. Full-Frame Installation

These are two main methods of installing replacement windows. During a pocket installation, the expert will only remove the sash of the old window and place the new window into the existing frame. It's faster, as replacing each window will take less time.

On the other hand, the installers can remove the entire window for a full-frame installation. Additionally, this type of installation allows you to change the window opening so you can put in a window that's a different shape or size from the original one. Unlike a pocket installation, full-frame installation is more involving, and as such, more labor-intensive and requires more time.

How Long Will It Take?

As mentioned, projection execution take depends on the type of installation. If you are going for a pocket installation, it will take a shorter time than a full-frame installation. Another key determinant is the number of replacement windows to be installed.

Just as important is the skill and experience of the installers. If you want your home window replacement project done right and fast, research and find an experienced installer rather than doing it yourself. Another factor is the ease of access to your windows.

How Much Disruption Can You Expect?

Home window replacement projects are not too disruptive, but you can expect some noise. The disruption is minimal with a pocket installation, and the installers should be done within a few hours. On the flip side, a full-frame installation can be comparatively more disruptive, especially when you want to change the window opening.

The good news is that whatever the installation type is, you don't have to worry about leaving your home. Additionally, if you hire professionals, you can look forward to the installers working within a strict timeline, not to mention cleaning up after themselves.

What Happens to the Old Windows?

With the replacement windows up, what happens to the old windows is entirely up to you. You can choose to keep them or have the installers haul them away for proper disposal. Get professional window replacement services, and you can rest assured that your home window replacement project will run smoothly and won't be disruptive. If you have any questions, be sure to ask the installers.


19 October 2021

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