Installing New Impact Doors On Your Home's Exterior


Installing new doors can greatly improve the look of your home's exterior. However, this can also provide some important performance benefits for the house. In particular, impact doors can be an option that may help to keep your home safer during strong storms.

Impact Doors Can Protect Against A Variety Of Weather Threats

Impact doors are commonly found in areas that are vulnerable to hurricanes, but this is not the only type of weather threat that these doors can protect a home against. Any storm that produces strong winds can have the potential to launch debris at the door at an extremely high rate of speed. In addition to the force of impact from debris that is blown at the door, this option can also reduce the risk of door failure due to the force that strong winds can put on the door. As a result, individuals that are located in areas that regularly receive strong storms or intense winds will likely benefit from this style of door.

Modern Impact Doors Can Complement Your Homes Aesthetics

Despite the safety benefits that impact doors can offer a homeowner, concerns about the aesthetics of these doors may cause some individuals to fail to utilize this option. However, modern impact doors are designed to be as aesthetically pleasing as possible. In fact, impact-resistant doors may be visually indisputable from more traditional doors. Furthermore, it is possible to have these doors custom made, and this can be a valuable option when you are needing to install them on a historic house or home with a particularly unique design.

Impact Doors Can Accommodate Window Panes

There are many homeowners that may like the aesthetics of windows in their exterior doors as well as the benefit of being able to see individuals before they open the door. Impact doors can accommodate windows in their design without compromising the effectiveness of the doors. This is due to the availability of impact-resistant glass. Windows that are made from this type of glass will be able to handle the force of impacts from flying debris as well as individuals attempting to break into the home by shattering the glass. If you decide to opt for impact doors that have windows installed in them, you should pay attention to the energy efficiency rating to make sure that you are choosing the option that has the most energy-efficient glass. Otherwise, heat transfer through these panes of glass could cause unwanted heating and cooling of the home's interior.  

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18 April 2022

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