Benefits Of Hurricane Resistant Shutters


Window treatments can help boost the performance of your windows and their appearance. While various window treatment options like blinds are available, consider installing hurricane shutters. These window coverings may open outward or upward and close upon lowering. Here are the pros of hurricane shutter installation.

Home Value

If your home doesn't have hurricane shutters, and you live in an area prone to storms, this may mean that your home is prone to storm damage. Hence, buyers may offer a low price for your property to cover this risk. In contrast, buyers who see hurricane shutter installations know that your home is protected against storm-related damage. This increases your property's value, and your home can fetch high real estate market prices.

Insurance Requirements

Home insurance is essential to protect your home against storm damage. However, if you live in a storm-prone area, home insurance providers may require you to install hurricane shutters to minimize their risks. Also, if you get home insurance, you may pay higher premiums. Hurricane shutters can help you achieve home insurance requirements, enabling you to protect your home.

Property Protection

Professionals install hurricane shutters on the exterior of your windows. These shutters act as a barrier that prevents objects such as debris from hitting your windows. This prevents window damage. This helps increase your windows' lifespan.

Money Savings

Storm damage may include window breakage or shuttering. Hence, water and storm debris may enter your home, causing severe damage. For instance, boulders may damage your floors, walls, or furniture. Likewise, stormwater may cause flooding in your home, resulting in water damage, including rotting your wood and mold growth. Fortunately, hurricane shutters prevent storm damage to your property, saving you from costly repairs or replacements.


Plain windows may make your property appear dull. Fortunately, window shutters are available in various designs and colors. Therefore, you can select attractive shutter designs for storm protection while boosting property aesthetics. You can also order custom shutters with your desired characteristics for improved property looks.


Storm damage may risk the safety of your property's occupants. For example, when windows break due to impact by debris carried by violent storm winds, the windows may shutter. The shattered glass may cause deep cuts on your body. Also, flying debris may enter your home through broken windows and hit you, resulting in injuries. Hurricane-resistant shutters prevent storm damage to your windows, improving your safety.

Hurricane shutters can improve your home's aesthetics and safety, save money, prevent storm-related damage, increase home value, and help you achieve home insurance requirements. If you're considering a hurricane shutter installation, contact a supplier in your area.


2 February 2023

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