Why Vinyl Is The Material Of Choice For Replacement Windows


If you know multiple people who have had their windows replaced, you may have noticed a trend. Chances are, most — if not all — of those people opted for replacement windows made from the same material: vinyl. Indeed, vinyl has become the replacement window material of choice. If you're wondering why, then keep reading. 

Vinyl does not rot.

The big problem with wood windows, which were standard for decades, is that they eventually rot. Windows frames and sashes do not stay dry. They get wet every time it rains. All of this moisture exposure perpetuates rot. But vinyl windows do not suffer from this issue; vinyl does not rot. So, you do not have to worry about your replacement window sashes crumbling, chipping away, or developing rotten black patches like your old wooden windows did.

Vinyl does not have to be painted.

Vinyl replacement windows come in a range of colors. But regardless of which color you choose, that color will extend through all of the vinyl; it won't just be painted on the surface. This means that if the window sash gets a little scratch or ding, it won't be that obvious. It also means you won't have to spend your Saturdays painting your windows as you would with wooden windows. Opting for vinyl replacement windows means never having to replace them again.

Vinyl won't attract insects.

Have you ever seen wood bees, carpenter ants, or other insects gathering around your wood windows? These bugs can prove to be quite a nuisance, and getting rid of them requires a lot of pesticides. With vinyl windows, you will not have bugs. Vinyl is not appealing to bugs as they do not eat it or nest in it. This means that choosing vinyl windows may save you a call to the exterminator. 

Vinyl is affordable.

Vinyl windows are rather easy to make. The vinyl is usually either extruded or poured into a mold. As such, these windows can be made quickly and in large quantities, which keeps the price down. Usually, when you replace windows, you replace all of the windows on a home, which makes it important that the windows you choose are affordable.

There is a good reason why all of your friends are choosing vinyl replacement windows. It turns out that vinyl happens to be one of the best replacement materials available today. Contact a window replacement company like Cool Casa Windows and Siding Corp to learn more.


17 May 2023

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