What You Need To Know When Choosing Hurricane Doors For Your Home


Protecting your home from the devastating effects of hurricanes is crucial, especially if you live in a region prone to these natural disasters. One of the most effective measures you can take is installing hurricane doors and windows. These specialized doors provide greater strength and durability to safeguard your home against high winds, flying debris, and water infiltration. 

Understanding Hurricane Door Installation

When it comes to hurricane preparedness, your choice of doors plays a significant role in safeguarding your home and family. Hurricane doors are made to withstand the immense force generated by hurricanes, reducing the risk of structural damage and protecting against water infiltration. 

These doors are tested and certified to meet stringent industry standards for wind resistance, impact resistance, and water penetration. Often they require some specific framing to support them, so it is essential that you have hurricane door installation done by an experienced professional to ensure you get the best protection. 

Choosing Your Doors

When selecting hurricane doors, it is essential to consider the materials used in their construction. Generally, there are two primary options: impact-resistant glass doors and solid-core doors. 

Impact-resistant glass doors consist of multiple layers of glass and an interlayer that holds the glass layers together even if it shatters upon impact. Solid-core doors, on the other hand, are made of reinforced materials such as fiberglass or steel, providing excellent strength and durability. Each has specific benefits, so talk to a hurricane door company about your situation, and they can recommend the right product to protect your home and family.

Evaluating Design and Functionality

While the primary goal is to protect your home during a hurricane, you also want your hurricane doors to be aesthetically pleasing and functional in everyday use. Consider the design and style options, ensuring they complement your home's architecture. 

Additionally, examine the functionality of the doors, such as ease of operation, maintenance requirements, and energy efficiency. Look for doors with good insulation to help regulate temperature and reduce energy costs.

Seeking Professional Installation

Proper installation is crucial for the optimal performance of your hurricane doors. Hiring a professional installer experienced in hurricane door installation is highly recommended. 

These installers have the knowledge and expertise to ensure the doors are secure, minimizing the risk of air and water infiltration during severe weather conditions. Professional installation also helps maintain the integrity of the manufacturer's warranty.

Compliance with Local Building Codes

Before making a final decision on your hurricane doors, check the local building codes and requirements in your area. Different regions may have specific regulations regarding wind resistance, impact ratings, and installation methods. 

Ensure that the doors you choose meet or exceed these standards to ensure the safety and protection of your home. For more information on hurricane doors, contact a company near you.


19 July 2023

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