Four Things You Need To Know Before Starting A Window Replacement Project For Your Home


Energy improvements to your home can help save you a lot of money on your utility bills. Replacement windows are a great investment that you may have heard about. These windows are used to replace standard sized windows, and fasten inside existing window casing. However, they are not always ideal for every window. Here are some things that you will want to know before you begin your window replacement project:

11 June 2015

Ways To Add More Light In Your Home


If your home isn't as bright as you would like, there are things you can do to increase the amount of light inside. Some solutions may require professional help, but others are DIY solutions that you can complete in an afternoon. Install a Bay Window Bay windows are great for adding light to your home because they face out in three directions and capture the sun's rays for much longer in the day.

2 June 2015

How to Repair Foggy Double-Paned Glass Windows


Double-paned windows can easily fog up once the seal has been broken between the panes and moisture gets inside of the window. You'll need to do something to fix the problem before the double-paned window fogs up so bad that you can't see out of it anymore, but you're options can be very limited. Repairing the seal typically does not help in restoring the window to its original transparency, because once the seal is broken, the gases or pressurized air inside the window that keeps the condensation from building up inside of them is released.

7 April 2015

Get Your House Ready For Spring And Summer


You might be looking out your window and seeing snow, but you also realize that soon it will be gone. Even though it seems that Christmas was just yesterday, spring and summer are right around the corner. If you're wanting to do spring cleaning, now is a good time to get started. Divide The House Into Sections - Of course, you could choose to clean your entire house in a day, but you'd be exhausted and you might even give up before the job is done.

19 March 2015

Why You Should Choose Vinyl For Your Window Replacement


Window frames are made out a variety of different materials. Many people choose wooden frames with vinyl sashes. This makes it easier to install the window fixture into a home with a wooden structure. There are many great characteristics of wooden windows sashes. This article will explain why it such an ideal product for the construction of windows. Vinyl is Stylish Firstly, it should be noted that vinyl is actually a very stylish product.

12 March 2015

Storm Shutters: What's The Point?


Living on the coast has many advantages the majority of the year.  Living by the ocean is relaxing and beautiful.  Your home town may be considered a destination by many people.  However, living by the ocean has some risk that comes along with it, especially if you are on the East Coast or Gulf Coast.  If you live in one of these areas, it is important to be prepared for the chance of a tropical storm or hurricane.

5 March 2015

8 Common Mistakes To Avoid When Installing Windows


New windows can transform your home, boosting curb appeal and making your space more comfortable at the same time. While installing windows takes some basic DIY skills, handy homeowners may be able to tackle this project without the help of a professional. Make the most of your new window installation by following all manufacturer instructions and avoiding these potential pitfalls. Ignoring efficiency. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, heat lost through the windows can account for 10-25 percent of energy costs.

24 February 2015

Four Different Ways You Can Add Exterior Trim Details To The Windows In Your Home


You may want to have replacement windows installed in your home, which can give you many benefits such as energy savings. They can also add to the appearance of your home with things like trim details. Trim can be added to the interior and exterior of your windows to give your home a unique look with the new windows you have installed. Here are four different types of exterior trim details that you can add to your new windows:

23 February 2015

Window Tinting Benefits And Types


If your heating and cooling bills are a source of irritation, the solution may be window tinting.  Consider the benefits of window tinting, such as with the help of Cutting Edge Window Tinting, as well as the options available to you.  Three Benefits of Window Tinting Financial Savings:  Once you pay for the initial installation of tinted windows, you will begin to see a return on your investment.  According to the U.

27 October 2014